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My name is John Tucci, and I am attending Hofstra University currently in pursuit of my Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing. I am in the 4+1 program, where I will receive my Master’s in Business Administration. (Marketing) 

 I have a 3.73 GPA and have been on the Dean’s List on Four separate occasions. At the end of 2022, I was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in Milan, at Bocconi, which happens to be one of the most prestigious business universities in Europe.

I currently work for CHI Professional Development as a Digital Marketing Intern. I do all of the email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, automation, and more. Furthermore, I am currently the first webmaster for the Hofstra University Zarb Store website.  Additionally, I am a part-time job at Super Soccer Stars in the Metro Area where I am a master head coach, and marketing assistant at a grassroots level. The skills I have gathered are in the form of sales, strategic advertising, and project management.

My other work marketing experience is running the entire marketing department at Bartons Limousine. I built the website, social media, email platform, and lead management all out of my experience. I learned how to run ads effectively, grade leads, optimize SEO and many other things.


I am involved on the board at the Hofstra American Marketing Association where we bring in established marketing experts, and host seminars for other Hofstra students. I have a particular interest in marketing, soccer, chess, fitness, food, traveling, and piano.

My most recent certifications:

  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google)
  •  SEO Ⅰ & Ⅱ (Hubspot)
  • Microsoft Excel (Microsoft)
  • Stukent Simternship (Stukent)
  • Bloomberg Market Concepts
  • Hootsuite Social Marketing
  • CPR/AED First Aid Training
  • USSF Coaching Licenses
    • 11 v1 11 In Person
    • 7 v 7 In person 

My Websites/Expereinces


My own site that I have built and mantained as a passion. I write blog content based on analytical soccer research that I do using along tail keyword strategy to compete against bigger sites.

Social Media
MLS Newsletter

The Zarb Store

I was tasked with building the Hofstra University "Zarb Store" first website. For this project, I was limited to the basic WordPress plan.

Command Performance Entertainment

My first freelance site for an agency that controls famous comedians such as Tim Allen. I used WordPress for this site and transferred it upon completion.

CHI Professional Development

My current internship where I do the SEO management, all social media planning/scheduling, email marketing, data analytics, and customer service. For this particular page on the site, I used WIx to build a personalized instructor CMS system.

Social Media
Social Media Posts

Barton's Limousines

My first internship with a company under new ownership. It was just me and him, so I managed all social media, redoing the website using Hibu. I also managed business cards, flyers, and on-ground advertising.

Social Media
Social Media Posts
Website Transformation

School Examples/Competitions

Nissan Commercial

Together, along with a group of classmates, we put together a commercial highlighting a Nissan Vehicle. We got an A on the project, and learned storytelling techniques,

TABSA Logo Competition

Hofstra University openly invited students to create a logo that could be used for a Trans-Atlantic study abroad program. My logo + tagline made it to the finals, where Hofstra pitched my idea in France,