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A picture of Alberto Moleiro edited by me

This Las Palmas academy graduate has been making noise with every appearance in La Liga this season as a playmaker. Alberto Moleiro’s skills have been a joy to watch over the past few months, and it’s time more people tune in to watch his performances. It could be your club signing him next transfer window. 

Alberto Moleiro's background

Alberto Moleiro Gonzalez was born (Sep 30, 2003) in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. The 20-year-old played for local team Sobradillo up until the U19 level at 15 years old. 

It was in 2018 when he joined Las Palmas Academy, and he slowly rose through the ranks until 2021, when he joined the first team. 

At this time he is currently valued at around $10m and is collecting limited minutes for the mid-table club. 

Alberto Moleiro important background information

Moleiro's Style of Play

Moleiro is a modern attacking midfielder that either plays in the center or drifts out wide to have a stronger impact on the game. 

He plays with a flair that isn’t popular much anymore, but it’s a joy to watch him meg someone in transition and play a familiar through bal. 

Lastly, this season he has 1 goal + 2 assists in 498 minutes of league play (57′ minutes per game). 

Alberto Moleiro skills in possession

His strongest aspect of his game both statistically, and visually, is whenever he is on the ball. Moleiro possesses an ability to consistently beat his man and play a great ball after. 

Just look at the fact he has a successful take-on 65% of the time which is among the top 1%. Additionally, he’s attempting around 5 a game which means he is winning at a HIGH rate while attempting at a HIGH rate. Superb. 

Not seen on here is his through ball per game which fits with the claim he loves a good through ball. Just watch some of his games to see his eye for a delightful curling pass. 

What’s more is that he isn’t too far off an Alex Baena who is playing for Villareal currently in 13th. 

Player Comparison: Alberto Moleiro vs Willian

Finally, I decided to add a player comparison to every analysis to give people a better idea of who they play like. 

This one is interesting because I think Willian for Fulham last season is probably the best possible comparison. 

They both like to take on players wether that’s through a simple move or megging them, and then playing a ball after. 

There is definitely a list of clubs around the world that could benefit from a talent like him in their team. 

Alberto Moleiro in Conclusion

The 5’7 (1.71m) attacker will have his options to pick from this winter or summer window but could do with an extended stay in La Liga. He’s got all of the skills in the world, but maybe leaving a slightly bigger fingerprint in every game is the last step before reaching the next level. 

That’s all for Alberto Moleiro’s skills, thanks for reading! Check out another attacking midfielder such as Desire Doue!

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