How Wilson Odobert ended up dribbling past the world’s best!

The 19-year-old Frenchman Wilson Odobert has been catching the eyes of several fans with his limited minutes for Burnley F.C. this season. He joined from Troyes (Ligue 1) this past transfer window for ~ $13m, which looks like a good investment for the future. So far in under 500 minutes, we have seen him show sparks of quick dribbling and a knack for finishing. 

Wilson Odobert's background

Wilson Odobert History or background

Wilson was born (Nov 28, 2004) in Meaux, France which means he’s freshly 19. His first club was USF Trilport from 6 years old until he joined PSG at 13. 

He rose through the ranks until 2022 when he left the U19 team for a free transfer in search of first-team action. He impressed enough in his one season to gain a move to the Premier League 11 months later.

Currently, his valuation is set around $10.5m, but expect the winger’s value to at least double before the season ends. 

Odobert's Style Of Play

The winger has seen just short of 500 minutes this season, mainly deputizing as a left-winger substitute. Just last week he was causing one of the best defenses in the league,(Liverpool), all sorts of problems with his speed.

In his 51′ minutes per game this season he has managed 3 goals, and 1 assist which is frankly great for a low-scoring team like Burnley. He has though, started 6 games out of the 10 he has seen game time in. 

Looking For Strengths

At first glance, it’s obvious that he isn’t a world-beater yet, but he certainly has the traits for it. The important thing to understand from this data is that he is consistently progressive in a lackluster team. 

Over the years we have seen good players die at poor clubs when they have to do it all “by themselves”, but Wilson Odobert is proving to be an outlet.  

He’s carrying the ball for more than 77% of top 5 league wingers and in a progressive manner more than 86% of them. Let that settle in when you think about the team he is on. Rarely are they on the attack, or even he is playing, but when both happen he is taking charge. 

Additionally, not on here, he technically is scoring at a very proficient rate with 68% shot accuracy, but I assume limited game time is a skew risk. 

Wilson Odobert vs Jaden Philogene

An interesting comparison to a player currently playing for Hull City in the Championship.

I plan on writing an article on his comparison, but it’s interesting how they are both extremely technical wingers capable of taking on multiple defenders at once. 

The only thing I would be interested to see in both of their games is what it looks like when they play a low block. The best chance to see them would be when they play for their respective youth national teams. 

Wilson Odobert In Conclusion

The kid is a baller who will undoubtedly be ripping up premier league teams for years to come. If Burnley goes down this season under Vincent Kompany, expect him to play a dominant role in their promotion. 

We are seeing what a similar player like Jaden Philogene is doing in the championship already. With all this being said some other wingers I have written on are Antonio Nusa and Jonathan Rowe, if you want to check them out.

Thanks for taking the time to read and make sure to stay tuned for more!

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