See how well Norwich talent, Jon Rowe, is playing.

Jonathan rowe in his norwich city jersey this season

So far this season, Jonathan Rowe has started off as one of the Championships best players. In a high functioning Norwich team who lost long time striker Pukki, certain player’s have had the opportunity to step up. The 20 year old winger/midfielder has proved his lethal finishing, chance creation, and all around talent this season. 

Jonathan Rowe's Biography

Jonathan Rowes biograpgy in his career so far

Rowe was born on April 30th, 2003 in England, and has had a pretty concrete youth so far.

He joined AFC Wembley as a youth, and at some point in his youth he joined Norwich’s youth academy. In 2019 he was promoted to the U18 squad, and three years later he was with the first team.

The winger is 1.73m (5’9), and is seen as a shifty player with great finishing.

Analyzing Jonathan Rowe's Talent

Rowe hasn’t necessarily had enough game time to really solidify himself in any position. That being said, a left winger/attacking midfielder role seems to best fit his play style. 

In the first 5 games this season he already has 4 Goals + 1 Assist. He’s setting a precedent of being an important player for the canaries this season. 

His heatmap doesn’t offer much, but you can get a general feel for his beginning habits. 

Jonathan rowes heatmap so far this season for Norwich

His attacking movements & finishing

Jon Rowe has been mainly impressive in and around the box. He is a player that is playing beyond the typical 20 year old. In this particular sequence, he shows everything as to why he’s been so successful this season.

He passes the ball inside to a midfielder, and instead of sulking he is already charging a gap he sees in between the right back, and the right center back. 

The ball get’s played into him, and he does well to get the ball onto his strong foot. The rest is history, and he finishes extremely well across the goal. Rowe has talent, and a lot of it. 

Jon Rowe aiming to shoot
Jonathan rowe scoring a goal

Hold up play & dribbling

Another important key aspect to his game is his technical abilities. He has a great power over the ball, and can easily turn a man if given a 1 on 1 situation. In the sequence below he checks in for the ball, and picks his timing perfectly.

As he checks into the ball, he is keeping his man behind him, but at a perfect distance. He keeps him tight enough to be able to take a slight touch and leave him in the dust.

In just a matter of seconds he turned a stale position into a developing attack with him past the outside back, and rapidly approaching the back line.  

Jonathan rowe checking for the ball
Rowe holding off the defender and turning
Rowe turning his man wonderfully

The Jonathan Rowe Talent Conslusion

Jonathan Rowe is filled with talent, and to be honest the championship has turned into a perfect development field. In recent years we have seen several players like Olise develop in the championship and make the jump relatively quickly. 

Keep an eye on Norwich especially because they have more players such as Gabriel Sara, Sargent, Nunez, Idah, and more. Top talent Rowe is.

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