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Maurits Kjaergaar

Maurits Kjaergaard is only in his full sophmore year of playing first team football, but yet he’s playing like a full pro. He possesses strong dribbling skills, and a diligent focus to help his team out defensively. He showed out in the Champions League last year for RB Salzburg, but watch out for him again this year. This is the Kjaergaard analysis you need.

Maurits Kjaergaard Background

Kjaergaard Bio

Kjaergaard was born on June 26th, 2003 in Herlev, Denmark which seems to be a growing trend in Scandinavia. He stands at 1.92m (6-3), and has a very diverse position sense.

In his youth he started at Lynbgy BK Youth in Denmark before making the move to RB Salzburg in 2019. He spent a year out on loan at FC Liefering before returning to the first team. 

He’s valued at $15m now, and there’s no reason that won’t at least double this season. 

Kjaergaard Analysis

As we mentioned earlier Kjaergaard is a tall player, but yet that’s what makes him somewhat unique in the midfield. 

He tends to gravitate towards the left side of the field as a left footed player, including in an attacking midfield role.

He started this season strong with 2 assist in the first 4 games already, and we think he’s ready to completely breakout this season. 

Kjaergaard Heatmap

Tracking back is great

Suprisingly enough he has some great defensive stats. He ranks highly in almost all of the important metrics. 

Last season alone:

  • 3.50 Tackles/90 (97th Percentile)
  • 1.33 Passes Blocked/90 (88th Percentile)
  • 4.33 Tkl + Int/90 (88th)
  • 1.67 Blocks/90 (86th)
While it is interesting that this analysis on Kjaergaard is starting with his defensive metrics, it’s most likely because these stats are only based on his UCL minutes.

Ball control.....

Again, while these stats look horrible, we are choosing to break these ones down because it’s the hardest competition he faced.

Without commenting on his metrics, Kjaergaard is actually quite a wonderful player attacking wise.

He plays using his tall figure, and is often one of the hardest players to tackle on the whole field. 

He’s a strong dribbler that likes to charge the ball up field, and always seems to have his head on a swivel.

It’s important to note that he is young, and there are some things to work on such as his tendency to lose the ball. 

Kjaergaard Passing L

Player Comparison

Kjaergaard Conclusion

In conclusion, Kjaergaard possesses many of the traits that he’s need if he ever wants to take the next step into a top 5 league. It’s true that he has made mistakes, but that’s exactly why he is still developing in Austria.

It’s interesting to note that two players that enjoy attacking midfielder positions are Alex Baena and Fabian Rieder. Those are two players I’d use to explain his play style. and using the graph above are two players ahead of his progression.

If you take anything away from this, it’s that he will be in a big team within the next 2-3 years, and you’ll be wishing your team signed him. 

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