Moises Caicedo: You need to see how he fits at Chelsea

Caicedo Passing after defensive maneuvers

It’s been rumored that Liverpool have put in a record deal of around 115m Euros for Caicedo, which comes almost out of nowhere. It seemed like it was always going to be Chelsea that signed Caicedo, but now it’s whoever puts in a higher bid. The 21 year old midfielder is gathering this attention for good reason, and we will show you why. 

How Moises Caicedo plays

Caicedo's Passing

His passing stats

Everyone knows that Caicedo had himself an amazing year with Brighton, but doing what?

He played in 34 games in the league, and managed to get 2 G+A, but his value lies deeper.

A pass completion of 88.6% puts him in the top 6% for ALL MIDFIELDERS in the TOP 5 LEAGUES. WOW. 

This trend continues for short passing, and slightly less for medium range passes. It seems like long passes isn’t a strength, but under De Zerbi that isn’t needed from him.

That being said he plays 6.41 progressive passes, and 1.18 key passes per 90. He still doing very well at creating chances. 


Moises Caicedo was widely being accepted as one of the defensive midfield options last year, but why?

Caicedo was a tackling machine. Like a tackling machine all over the field. He averaged 2.83 tackles a game, and won 1.42. He was also in the top 20% in tackles in every part of the pitch.

Along with his tackling abilities is his nose for an interception. He got 1.56 interceptions a game which makes him a certified ball hawk.

Whether he goes to Chelsea or Liverpool remains to be seen, but he is certainly the best option for both of them.

Caicedo Defensively

How will Caicedo Fit?

Let’s take a look at Liverpool first. We know that Liverpool’s Macallister and Caicedo formed a string partnership last season for Brighton which is a big plus. Caicedo would allow Macallister to play the 8, which would free Szoboszlai to move further up the field. It makes sense.

Now let’s look at Chelsea. It remains to be seen who the third midfielder would be especially after Nkunku’s injury. We know that they play a 4-2-3-1, and with Enzo as his partner…… it would be one of the best pairings in the league. Again, it makes sense.

Overall, Liverpool definitely need Caicedo significantly more, especially after Chelsea have already signed numerous other defensive midfielders such as Adams. 

Caicedo with Liverpool Midfielders
Caicedo and Enzo

Data from Datamb

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