Everything you missed day one of the u21 Euros

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Group A:

Belgium vs Netherlands

Starting Lineups:

Belgium (4-3-3): Vandevoordt, Patris, De WInter, Debast, De Cuyper, Keita, Matazo, Raskin, Vertessen, Openda, De Ketelare 

Subs who played: Siquet, Balikwisha, Ramazani

Netherlands (3-4-3): Verbruggen, Rensch, Va Hecke, Van de Ven, Timber, Gravenberch, Taylor, Hartman, Ekkelenkamp, Brobbey, Summerville

Subs who played: Burger, Mijnans, Maatsen, Van Ewijk, Zirkee

First Half: 0-0

It ends 0-0 at the half, but there have certainly been chances. Netherlands have been dominating the ball with 72% possession, but haven’t been able to do much after two early good chances. Summerville has had some disappointing set peice delivery, and Brobbey looks just a step too slow to shoot, but the chances are coming. The biggest chance of the first half came from a delightful De Ketelaere outside of the boot through ball to Openda, but Verbruggen came out on top. Gravenberch, Timber, Vertessen, and Keita all have yellow cards. 

Second Half: 0-0

Right at the start of the second half Belgium smacked the crossbar from a set piece situation It would’ve been an own goal had it not been for the lovely crossbar. Then just minutes later a lovely interchange from Brobbey get’s intercepted from Keita running from the other side of the field. After another few chances from both teams, it looks like neither brought their finishing abilities with them to the tournament. Balikwisha was 1 v 1 after a great 1-2 with Openda, but the goalie sticks out a left leg and saves it. Then on the other side the Dutch had several chances, but somehow haven’t been able to capitalize on them up to the 80′.  Belgium have a late penalty claim for a handball against Van Hecke, but the ref says the hands were behind his back. NO PENALTY. They both seem to be happy with a tie, and a tie it does end at after a performance of very even weapons.

Georgia vs Portugal

Starting Lineups:

Georgia (4-2-3-1): Kutaladze, Khvadagiani, Sazonov, Gelashvili, Kalandadze, Mekvabishvili, Gagnidze, Guliashvili, Moistrapishvili, Tsitaishvili, Gagua 

Subs who played: Gocholeishvili, Azorovi, Liminadze, Davitashvili, Sigua

Portugal (4-1-2-1-2): Biai, Ferreira, Penetra, Aurajo, Tavares, Dantas, Neves, Almeida, Sousa, Vitinha, Neto 

Subs who played: Araujo, Conceicao, Samu, Bernardo,

First Half: 2-0

One of the tournament favorites is down 2-0 at half to the Georgian national team! The portuguese don’t look like they really know where to be. The middle of the field is full of Georgians, but not portuguese players. Portuguese left back Tavares is leading most of the play, and is actually tucking in all the way to the middle without the ball. The georgians have been defensively very good and compact, especially Gelashvili who made several great tackles in the first half. They managed to grab two goals relatively against the ball, which were both assisted by Winger Tsitaishvili.

Second Half: 2-0

Coming out of the second half Portugal were firing, and it was mainly thanks to subbed on Conceicao who dazzled the right wing before a deflection hits the crossbar. Not even a minute later he get’s the ball out wide and gets off a powerful shot that forces the goalkeeper into a save off his chest. The Georgia keeper was making save after save including an impressive diving save against Nuno Tavares. Then all of the sudden Georgia is in a foot race against Aurajo, and Aurajo loses out and opts to take him out, receiving a straight red card. After the red card Georgia were able to have a couple attacks, but nothing concrete. Meanwhile Portugal tried to comeback, but came up short two goals, and will need to have a better performance next game.


37′ – A brilliant Tsitaishvili through ball up to Gagua looked set to be cleared by the Araujo of Portugal, but the ukranian striker bodied him off the ball before taking on a great shot with his left foot.

45+1′ – A great cross off a corner from Tsitaishvili makes it two assists for him the first half.  Center back Sazonov was back post and was able to flick on the ball straight into the side netting.

Group B:

Ukraine vs Croatia

Starting Lineups:

Ukraine( 4-2-3-1): Trubin, Sych, Talovierov, Batahov, Vivcharenko, Bondarenko, Brazhko, Kashchuk, Kryskiv, Bragaru, Sikan                                                                      

Subs who played: Nazarenko, Ocheretko, Vyunnyk, Zhelizko, Sudakov

Croatia (4-3-2-1): Kotarski, Sigur, Franjic, Perkovic, Colina, Bulat, Prsir, Kacavenda, Baturina, Frigan, Beljio                                                                                                              

Subs who played: Stojkovic, Sego, Vidovic, Hodza, Simic

First Half: 1-0

There haven’t been too many chances, apart from Oleksii Kashchuk receiving the ball from Artem Bondarenko, and delightfully dribbling past three players right into the box before an off balance shot into the bottom right corner. It was a moment of brilliance for the Ukranian team that opted not to start Chelsea player Mudryk. The best chance for the Croatians was a long range free kick that was pushed away well by the Ukranian keeper.

Second Half: 2-0

Croatia were able to get much more comfortable in the second half, and were starting to fight back, but the star player of the game said no quickly. Kashchuk put in a lovely cross from his wing for his striker to head home to give them a 2-0 lead. It was a game for Croatia to chase and truth be told, they just weren’t on their game today.


19′ – A lovely touch and turn from Kashchuk leads to a beautiful goal. He manages to dribble past three players before finishing it off the post. Simply brilliant.

48′ – Kashchuk makes it a goal, and an assist today with a lovely cross from the right side of the box. Sikan does well to beat his man and head it home early in the second half.

Romania vs Spain

Starting Lineups:

Romania: Popa, Pantea, Racovitan, Dican, Borza, Isfan, Albu, Pitu, Munteanu, Birligea, Popescu                                                                                                               4-3-3

Subs who played: 

Spain: Tenas, Martinez, Parades, Pacheco, Miranda, Blanco, Baena, Rodri, Sancet, Gomez, Ruiz                                                                                                                                    4-2-3-1

Subs who played: 

First Half: 0 - 0

The first half has definitely showed some of what Spain are going to offer at this tournament, but nevertheless no goals so far. Spain should’ve be up a goal after Ruiz and co. missed a sitter that the U16’s could make. That being said, Spain are dominating the ball with 80% possession, and at this point Romania should hope to purely play on the counter. There should be some thoughts for Spain to bring on Gabri Veiga, who could bring them more of a goal scoring threat from deep.

Second Half:

Wow. The football that Spain played in this half is bar none the best of the day. They were truly showing their tiki taka bloodline in full effect. The Romanians tried a deep block for the game, but eventually the passing triangles Spain were making became too much for them to stop. Abel Ruiz continued to have a rough night in front of the goal, but his teammates got it done for him. Spain is the favorite for the tournament, and we haven’t even seen their rock solid defense in action yet. 


56′ – Romania loses the ball deep in their own half due to Rodri, who plays the ball out wide to Victor Gomez. He plays a great driven cross into Alex Baena who is able to guide the ball into the back of the net. 

62′ – The ball starts from outside the box on the right from Rodri again. They play three passes inside the boxes to shift left, and Juan Miranda crashes into the box to score the second of the game.

90+5′ – Sergio Gomez takes a free kick from 25 yards away, and it takes a huge deflection off of the wall and trickles in. Game over.

The Groups after Day one

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