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The standings of Group D at the U21 Euros

Group C:

Czech Republic vs England

Starting Lineups:

England (4-4-2): Trafford, Colwill, Garner, Harwood-Bellis(C), Aarons, Gomes, Jones, Ramsey, Gibbs-White, Maueke, Gordon

Subs who played: Skipp, Archer, Smith-Rowe, Elliott, Johnson 

Czech Republic (4-2-3-1): Jaros, Gabriel, Vitik, Hranac, Cedidla, Kaloc(C), Cerv, Sulc, Zamburek, Kusej, Sejk

Subs who played: Jurasek, Fila, Karabec, Danek, Valenta

First Half: 0-0

The first half wasn’t the best display from either team, but both teams have had their chances. Madueke had a wonderful curled shot hit the top of the crossbar early on, but that was one of their best shots on goal. They are creating good chances, but need more shots on target. Israel, and specifically, Kusej have had numerous chances, but Trafford is playing great in goal. In fact, Kusej should’ve had two goals by now, but for now it remains goaless at half. 

Second Half: 0-2

The second half was far better for the England U21 team, and they were able to pretty calmly end the game. Anthony Gordon and Jacob Ramsey linked up beautifully to open the game up, and then Anthony Gordon almost added a goal to his tally, but it was ruled out. Then right before the end of the game, Cameron Archer and Emile Smith-Rowe were able to team up to finish the game off with a smooth pass across the box. It’s a good start to the tournament for England, but they were lucky not to concede in the first half. 


47′ –  Ramsey plays a hard pass to Gordon who beautifully lays it off for Ramsey to continue his charging run. Ramsey gathers the ball on his journey into the box and slots it past the keeper. 

90+4′ – The ball fumbles around a bit before Cameron Archer gets the ball in the box. He plays a simple pass across the six to Emile Smith Rowe who taps it into an open net. Game over. 

Germany vs Israel

Starting Lineups:

Germany (4-3-1-2): Atubolu, Vagnoman, Bisseck(C), Matriciani, Netz, Krauss, Keitel, Stiller, Huseinbasic, Schade, Moukoko

Subs who played: Ngankam, Weiper, Martel, Weisshaupt

Israel (5-4-1): Peretz, Karzev, Lemkin, Jaber, Cohen(C), Revivo, Azulay, Gendelman, Bilu, Gloukh, Turgeman

Subs who played: Arad, Gorno, Khaliali, Layous

First Half: 1-1

WOW, what an action packed half in the pouring rain. Not even minutes into the game, Germany wins a penalty, and everyone expects the BVB star to score his first of the tournament. Peretz makes a great save to his bottom right to keep the ball out. Israel had a good spell where they almost forced a goal from pressing the german goalie, but the germans get away luckily. Then minutes later Turgeman turns Bisseck inside and out to score a lovely goal. Bisseck redeems himself with a redirected header from a Huseinbasic cross, but the biggest deal was the red card right before half. Israel will have to find a way to survive with 10-men. (Karzevu

Second Half: 1-1

WOW AGAIN. This is by far game of the tournament so far with all of the drama that was brought to us. Israel came into the second half down a man, and it would seem that eventually the reigning champions would score, but NO. In the 78′ Germany won another penalty, and Ngankam stepped to take it….. and it was SAVED AGAIN. Peretz made two penalty saves this game right at the beginning, and right at the end which undoubtedly saved them today. Huge blow for the Germans early on. 


20′ – Israel – Turgeman get’s played a ball over his head right at the top of the box. He takes a lovely touch, and  turns Bisseck inside and out before finishing across the keeper. 

26′ – Germany – On a set piece situation the german #10 plays a lovely cross into the box for Bisseck to redeem himself from minutes later. 


Group D:

Norway vs Switzerland

Starting Lineups:

Norway (4-4-2): Christiansen, Sebulonsen, Heggheim, Daland, Wolfe, Hove, Mannsverk, Zafeiris, Ceide, Bobb, Botheim(C)                                                             

Subs who played: Kitolano, Jatta, Nusa, Sahraoui, Christensen 

Switzerland (4-4-2): Saipi, Blum, Stergiou(C), Burch, Omeragic, Ndoye, Sohm, Jashari, Imeri, Stojilkovic, Rieder                                                                                                       

Subs who played: Amdouni, von Moos, Kronig, Males, Di Giusto

First Half: 1-1

These two teams finished the half practically even. Although the other games went into half tied, this one looks most 50-50 either way. Ceide, and Norway, score first after some wonderful close control in the box before finishing it on the top right corner. Then later on in the half the Swiss scored a goal off of some poor goalkeeping. It was Ndoye who was able to shoot down the middle, while the goalie seemed to be out of position. 

Second Half: 1-2

The game remained an even game with more fouling than chances created, but Switzerland were able to complete their comeback with a classy curled effort from outside of the box. There are going to have to be questions asked bout the Norwegian defence, but for now Switzerland will take the three points and be happy. 


19′ – Norway – Ceide gets the ball into the box, somehow megs a player, and gets off a curling strike into the top right corner with 5 opposition players right around him. Beauty.

36′ – Switzerland – Ndoye was able to get the ball rolling across the top of the box, and he puts his foot straight through the ball. The goalie seemed a little out of position, and shouldn’t be letting in a shot so close to the center of the goal.

56′ – Switzerland – Imeri received the ball a couple yards from he top of the box and was able to curl it around the goalie into the bottom right corner. Based off these two goals, the Norwegian defense had a day to forget.


France vs Italy

Starting Lineups:

France (4-3-3): Chevalier, Kalulu, Bade, Lukeba, Nkounkou, Thuram, Kone, Caqueret (C), Barcola, Kalimuendo, Gouiri                                                                                                        

Subs who played:  Olise, Cherki, Adli, Wahi, Simakan

Italy (3-5-2): Carnesecchi, Okol, Pirola, Scalvini, Udogie, Tonali (C), Rovella, Ricci, Bellanova, Pellegri, Cambiaghi                                                                                                                                         

Subs who played: Gnoto, Miretti, Cancellieri, Colombo, Parisi, 

First Half: 1-1

This is the game that everyone was waiting for, and it’s lived up to the hype in the first half so far. The new Newcastle man Tonali is levels above the rest of these players, and ended up getting an assist off a perfect cross to Pellegri. Meanwhile, it’s France who are controlling the ball and getting the most chances. Kalulu played a teasing ball from the right and Kalimuendo scores maybe the goal of the tournament with a great backheel flick. 

Second Half: 2-1

This was simply a marvelous half of action. The goal France scored was off a Udogie howler on defense, which the Italian team could not be happy with. It seemed France were dominating most of the half then the 80′ came along and everything changed.

     Italy went on an attack in on net, and the goalie made a amazing double save, and would’ve been triple if not for his centerback. Then minutes later Gnoto was played through and Bade put in a mistimed challenge earning him a red card. Then in the dying moments of the game Gnoto whips in a cross for Bellanovo to get on the end of, but NO. It bounces off the post and Lukeba clears it. There is no VAR or goal line technology, but it was questionable for sure.


23′ – France – This goal has to be the best i’ve seen in months. Kalulu gets the ball out wide to the right, and plays a driven cross into Kalimuendo. Somehow he gets in front of his man, backheel flicks it, and it goes into the far post. Beautiful.

36′ – Italy – Tonali has been playing phenomenal set pieces all game that it was about time one of his teammates got on the end of one. Pellegri does well to head it powerfully into the top corner.

62′- France – What a howler from Udogie to allow Barcola to score. He does all of the right tracking back, but fumbles under the ball, and loses out to barcola who just has to finsh past the goalie.


The Groups after Day one

The standings of Group D at the U21 Euros

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