All you need to know about Mats Wieffer’s skills.

Mats Wieffer’s skills have been on display for a few seasons now with Feynoord, so it’s no wonder other clubs are interested. The tall midfielder loves to roam box-to-box leaving his impact apparent on both sides of the ball. Although he is 24 years old, the clubs linked are of the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, and many others. 

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Wieffer's History

Wieffer (Vee-fer) was born (Nov, 16, 1999) in Borne, Netherlands making him newly 24. As a youth player he developed in Fc Twente’s academy until 2020 when he made a move to Excelsior for ~25k. 

He impressed enough people with his first-team football, that he earned a half-a-million move to Feyenoord just two seasons later in 2022. Today he is worth ~$20m according to Transfermrkt.

Mats Wieffer background information

Mats Wieffer Skills Breakdown

Standing at 6’2 (1.88m) makes him a physically dominant midfielder that can benefit any team going both ways. This season in particular has seen Wieffer contribute 2 goals + 1 assist, but his abilities don’t lie in output.

As of 12/21/2023 he is the only player in the top 7 leagues with:

  • 20+ Interceptions
  • 20+ Tackles made
  • 20+ aerial duels won
  • 20+ touches in opp. box
  • 20+ take-ons completed


He's an elite player in control of the ball

As I mentioned before, his game lies in the impact he has outside of goals. Compared to other midfielders in the next best 14 leagues, he’s one of the best available.

It’s important to notice that his passing accuracy is elite in short – mid-range, and the long-range is skewing his %. 

That being said, what every team wants to see from their box-to-box is how safe they are with the ball, while also how progressive they are with it. 

Wieffer plays 9 progressive passes a game, but 8 of those are into the final 3rd! He’s got a ridiculous eye for picking up the ball in midfield and playing it into the feet of his striker. 


Mats Wieffers skills in passing
Defensively strong enough
Mats Wieffers skills in defense

It’s important to note that the reason so many teams want him is because of his work rate. He is constantly seen breaking up opponent counterattacks with standing tackles.

The stats back it up showing almost 2 tackles in the midfield a game, ranking him in the 92nd percentile.

Additionally, he’s got an eye for snatching the ball away like a pest. So far this year he has 2 blocks and 1.39 interceptions a game. Wow.  

Mats Wieffer vs Alexis Mac Allister vs Joao Neves

Mats Wieffer's skills in conclusion

Finally, I hope you can see the value in the Dutch midfielders’ abilities. It would be no surprise to see a team like Manchester United make a move for him especially considering ETH’s love for his former league. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about Mats Wieffer! What team do you see him fitting in with? 

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