Analysis: Why Matias Soule is the next man up.

Matias Soule is showing the world, and his parent club Juventus, why he is next in line. The 20-year-old winger possesses strong dribbling traits that have let him turn Serie A left backs in and out all season long with Frosinone. If you haven’t heard of him before, allow us to give you the proper Matias Soule analysis. 

his Background

Matias Soule career background

Matias was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina on April, 15th, 2003, making him just 20 years old. 

He was involved with youth football at Velez until 2020 when Juventus snatched him up for their U17 squad. Soule slowly promoted through the ranks before making his first team debut in 2022. 

He’s playing for Serie A club Frosinone this season but will return to Juventus at the end of the season, or even earlier. One thing we know is his ~$10 million valuation will increase very soon.

Matias Soule Analysis

Soule is a classic right winger who likes to cut in or take his man downfield. He is primarily left-footed which allows him to play his favorite cut-in and through ball down the line. 

This season he has played in 14 league games notching 6 goals and 1 assist in that time. Additionally, he has been selected for the Serie A team of the week on three different occasions this season.

Soule is extremely efficient with the ball

It’s no surprise at all that Soule is one of the best shooters in Europe this season compared to other wingers.

He doesn’t lack directness, and at almost 6’0 (1.8m), he provides height in the box. Soule also takes some set pieces for Frosinone seeing as they are a young team all around the field. 

One thing we’ve noticed is that Soule plays strong and aggressive when he’s on the ball. He wants to physically will it wherever he wants it, and it’s working. 

Threat poser as a creator

An important game to any winger isn’t just the goals they score, but how they are setting up their teammates. Matias is quite literally one of the best young talents we’ve seen do that this season. 

When it comes to his dribbling, he makes a SCA (Shot-Creating Action) almost every single time! This is an absurd rate that will surely come down, but it shows how direct his play truly is. 

As a bonus, it’s important to know Soule isn’t slacking on defense, but is a great piece of the defensive unit. 

Matias Soule Conclusion

The 20-year-old winger may have been subject to a brief summary in this article, but we urge everyone to keep him on your watchlist. He may not be ready for a big move just yet, but he is certainly on his way there. The Frosinone loan is doing wonders for him, and we could even see a couple of ballers coming from that team. 

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